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Carrying a Dragon [25 Aug 2007|02:21am]


It is my humble theory that both Tyrion and Jon Snow are of the dragon bloodline.

Tyrion's mother died bearing him, and Tywin is always saying he's not his son.

And Jon Snow...well...where do I start? I think he's really Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen's son. That could account for her death, since dragons are hard to carry.

That could possibly make them the other two heads of the dragon.

Another thing about Jon Snow: if he IS Lyanna and Rhaegar's child, that makes him a Targaryen prince. Perhaps the real prince that's been promised?

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Our time has come! [17 Jan 2007|02:56pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

If you haven't heard, A Song of Ice and Fire is being turned in to an HBO series!

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Unshelved's "Book Club" [23 Jul 2006|06:52am]

[ mood | happy ]

"Unshelved", my favorite webcomic about libraries, has a "book club" feature on Sundays in which they  summarise and illustrate a book or series they recommend.  Today's is "A Game of Thrones" / "A Song of Ice and Fire":

Book Club: A Game of ThronesCollapse )

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[05 May 2006|12:51pm]

Hi, everyone. I'm trying to get a group together in the LA area (specifically, Westwood) to discuss this series at some point. Depending on how many people respond, hopefully we can set that up. So, anyone interested? I'm aiming for a Wednesday night, but that can change.

If this isn't appropriate, let me know and I'll delete it. There didn't seem to be anything against this in the community rules, but just in case. Thanks!
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Memorable quotes [15 Jan 2006|05:08pm]

Since one of my quote-posts ended up here, I thought I'd add another.

AGoT thru ASoSCollapse )
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Cersei Lannister and Maggi’s Prophecy [01 Nov 2005|08:17pm]


   A thought after finishing A Feast for Crows...

   Spoilers, obviously!Collapse )

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The E-book is now available [23 Oct 2005|05:57am]

[ mood | happy ]

Just passing along the word to all "Song of Ice and Fire" fans that A Feast for Crows can now be downloaded from Powells, in Adobe, Microsoft, or Palm formats.

Two weeks before the hardback comes out, and only $14.36 US.

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What are your predictions for the series? [03 Jul 2005|03:22pm]

[ mood | predictive ]

* Arya Stark will undertake the training of the Faceless Men, and her first assignment will be killing Tyrion Lannister on behalf of Cersei.

* Lady Brienne of Tarth will find Rickon, by sheer chance.

* Oathkeeper will kill Petyr Littlefinger, and Sansa Stark will give the command.

* The Hound will die, saving the life of a Stark.

* The Others will break through the Night's Watch and the wildlings, and the red witch will desert Stannis Baratheon at a key moment. Stannis will die and Melisandre will try to align Jon Snow to her desires.

* Cersei will kill Jaime, and watch Tommen die helplessly. She will kill herself.

* Daenerys will make war on Westeros, only to make common cause with the Westerosi as the Others sweep south.

* Bolton will be made an Other. All the Freys will die at the hands of Catelyn Stark's outlaws.

* Jorah Mormont will die, saving Jon Snow's life.

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[21 Mar 2005|09:01pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

By the gods old and new, why do ASOIAF fans so much like atrocious color schemes? ezboard is white on black, and now this...

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some quotes [06 Mar 2005|08:09pm]

Here are some quotes I found...the original post was made by _onlysleeping_
read themCollapse )
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1st post [01 Mar 2005|05:33am]

just got the comm. up. still in it's rough stage tho.

i need some asoiaf quotes (i'm making a list of favorites) so i need everyone's help. if you have a favorite passage from the book please comment!
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